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How to restrict users to login to other domains?

Being in a competitive reseller business, now you can keep your domain secure and keep your users with you always.

How can I login using multiple numbers during OTP Verification

If your account is being used by different persons/locations, you can now use multiple numbers for IP Verification.

New Drag & Drop Webpage Elements Added.

New Drag & Drop Webpage Elements added under morden elements menu.

Bulk SMS Services Lived on onwebbox.com

Onwebbox.com offering Bulk SMS Services like Education Bulk SMS Package, Promotional Bulk SMS Package, Free Bulk SMS Package, Transactional Bulk SMS Package, Student Marks Bulk SMS Package, Corporate Bulk SMS Package, OTP SMS Package, Bank OTP SMS Package, 100% Delivered Bulk SMS.

Blog's features updated

Blog's features updated under admin panel. now you can publish your blog's on your website.

Google Analytics is integrate with our Portal

Now you can easy to integrate Google Analytics with our web portals.

Theme Colours features have been live on products portal

Theme colors features have been live on products portal now you can change website theme color yourself.

New Admin control panel version 2.0.1 Launched

We are very happy to inform you we have successfully lived new admin panel version 2.0.1

You can use 1000+ Unique icon!

100+ icon updated in our all portals. you can use it....

Now Unicode languages supported in homepage elements features

Multi Language supported features updated in your portal products

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