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Become A Reseller with

  March 12,2018

Why spending too much time on learning advanced coding skill to create dynamic business websites ? When you can do it without spending too much time learning advanced coding with

To create a website any website development platform is needed. We have our own website development CMS platform which can help to those  who want to create websites without so much struggle.

We have started a new program for those who want to establish their website development company but not aware with advanced coding skills. Our website development platform allows to create websites with only HTML knowledge within a very short time. The best part is that we have provided a Drag & Drop functionality by which the admin can make changes in the website without any programming skills in a very short time. So there is no need of any developer in making changes in the website.

How our Re seller program behaves ?

Once the re seller gets any customer he/she will have to pay charges for the platform to create website on it, domain, server and 10 IDs. The re seller can sell the website with his/her branded logo (it is white labeled). Once the website is sold the re seller will get all the profit from the customer.

The re seller can create and sell websites as if it is his/her own company. So it can be a good opportunity to establish business with and start building dynamic websites without any coding skills.

If any re seller face any problem regarding website or CMS or hosting, the is always there to support.

We are Hiring Freelancer Theme Designer.

We are hiring Freelancer theme designer for our own drag & drop website builder.