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Wordpress or onwebbox which one is better and How?

  March 10,2018

Every businessman needs a website now a days to expand the business boundaries in the entire world. A good website can help a lot to become successful in the market. To create a stunning website there is a need of a website development platform which should be easy to use, allows to create dynamic, responsive and attractive websites within a very short time.

Wordpress has become one of the most popular website development platforms in the IT market now a days because of it's thousands of plugins and themes. But it needs an advanced programming skills to create a stunning website on wordpress which is almost impossible for a person who has only HTML knowledge and wants to create a dynamic website.

There are some website development platforms on which a dynamic website can be created with only HTML knowledge and is one of them. has it's own CMS website development platform to create a dynamic business website with "Drag & Drop" functionality without any coding skills.

How to create website with onwebbox and sell it to the customers?

onwebbox has a Reseller program in which a reseller can create websites on the CMS platform with only HTML knowledge and sell it to the customers as if it is his/her company (White Labeled) and keep all the profit.

One more important feature of onwebbox : The admin can make changes in the website by the "Drag & Drop" functionality without any coding skills or any developer's help. The admin can choose themes, templates and tools provided with the onwebbox admin panel and use it as per the requirement.

Some examples can be seen created on

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