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New Elements Added in Onwebbox Admin Panel

  March 8,2018

A website with very useful templates, elements, features and functionalities helps a lot to make the business successful. The website should be dynamic so the updates can be made in it as the business behaves.

Today we have updated some new elements in onwebbox admin panel which allows the admin to give an attractive look to the website.

Transparent Background

We have updated the Transparent background element which allows the users to see the backgroundthrough the web pages. This element can be added on any web page as the admin wishes. This element gives a better and unique look to the web pages and can help the admin to impress the visitors.

The web page doesn't get too much transparent but it gets a bit transparent so all the content can be visible easily.


Timeline Element

Sometimes it is very important to show the time line of our some progresses to our visitors so that they can be aware with the establishment of our business or anything regarding to the business.

We have updated a new element called "Timeline Event". It is a new template by which the admin can show the timeline of any progress to the visitors.

We hope that the time line element would hep to all our admins to show their procedure of all the activities and establishment to the visitors.

Pricing Element

It is very important to show the price of the products or services to our visitors and customer in our website. Usually the price is shown with only one kind of template without any variety of templates.

Our newly updated the Pricing Element allows the admin to show the price of the services and products in an attractive way by choosing any of our provided templates. It is a ready to use template in which the admin just has to select the element and make changes in it as per the requirement.

Our try is to give the best to our customers so that they can impress their visitors and convert them into their customers.

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