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Google Language Converter is integrated with

  March 1,2018

Sometimes it is necessary to create websites in different languages so the interface of the website can be in the compatible language for some people. To translate the text from one language to another in the website, some language plugins are needed which helps to translate the language of the text in the website.

How about integrating a plugin which can translate the language of the text into any language of any country in the website, it sounds good. Doing so can help any person in the world to read the content in his/her compatible language which can of-course  impress the visitors of the website and the website can become so much popular all around the world.

Today we have integrated “Google Language Converter” with This feature allows the visitors to convert the text into any language from provided number of languages by only one click. So now create website in any compatible language to you and publish. Your visitors will be able to read your content in the language compatible to them with the help of “Google Language Converter”.

Here are the steps to integrate “Google Language Converter” in to your website:

Step 1: Go to and click on “Add to your website now” button.

Step 2: Login in to your Gmail account and enter your website URL.

Step 3: Select your desired options and click on the “Get code” button

Step 4: Now copy the code and add it into our “Header element” which is provided in 10th theme of onwebbox admin panel.

Now your website is ready to convert in any language.

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