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3 New Features Integrated with onwebbox CMS Panel

  February 13,2018

An attractive website increases the value of the business. A website should always be attractive and catchy to impress the visitors. How wonder if the admin can make changes in the website by him/her self as per admin's need without any coding skills, without any help of the developers. It actually sounds good. 

We provide Dynamic Settings so the admin can easily make changes in the website with simply drag & drop functionality without any coding skills. The admin can make changes in the website in real time. For instance if the admin wants to add a limited offer for the customers then the best way to let them know is by showing it in the website. So the admin can create advertisement using the templates provided in the admin pannel and make it live at the same time so the visitors can get the information about the offer.

The process of making changes in the website using our CMS platform is very simple means any website owner can make changes as per his/her need with the help of our provided a bunch of different kind of templates without any coding skills.

Today we have integrated three new features in our demo website which allows the admin to make changes in the website easily and the results of these features are satisfied to the admin.

1. Dynamic header setting

The dynamic header setting allows the admin to change the header of the website as per admin's need. We have provided so many buttons, templates, color options, by which the admin can make his/her choice and select any of our provided tools to create header of the website and give the look of the website as the admin wants.

For instance the admin can select any one template from our provided templates and can change the color of the text, change the background, use some indicators including telephone, mail, etc. to show all kind of contact details, if any thing is added then the admin can show and hide it whenever necessary with the help of our Active/Inactive functionality, etc.

2. Dynamic Footer setting

The templates provided for the footer setting can be very useful to the admin to show the details including the business owner's facebook, twitter, linkedin, YouTube and google+ links so the visitors can directly visit all these links from the footer easily. The admin can easily choose any of our provided buttons and tools and simply give the links of whatever those tools indicate (Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, etc.) The admin can also show the logo of his/her business and show all the details regarding to the business like about, contact, address, etc.

We have also provided some attractive elements and tools like background changes, color options, text color, etc. So the admin can make the footer attractive. 

3. Dynamic sub page header setting

This feature allows the admin to make a sub page of the header and make changes into it. Just like the header if the admin wants to show more details about the business then the admin can use our sub page header. 

In the sub page header setting we have provided all the same tools just like header settings so the admin has all the control of making sub page header however the admin wants. The admin can keep the background of the header and sub header same or different and make it attractive using our provided tools.

The intension of adding the above mentioned three features in our admin panel is to give the admin the best experience of creating header, sub header and footer easily without any coding skills. So the admin can get the results as the admin wishes and make changes in the website in real time. 

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We are hiring Freelancer theme designer for our own drag & drop website builder.