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  December 18,2017


Website is necessary for each and every business to be grown in the market. People like or hate your content depends on how your content has been presented on the website. If your content is good but not presented in proper manner then it is not valuable. Websites are of two types : Static and Dynamic.

Static Website:

A static website is created in simpy HTML and CSS. It can be easily developed by the developers. With static website, your content is fixed and can't be changed by the user. To customize a static website coding skills are needed and only web developer him/her self can do it. So the users have no control on customization which is not user friendly.

It is usually preferred by small businesses because static websites are cost effective and take less time to be developed. Once the webisite is created, it remains static means there is not any kind of customization functionality so the user always dependeds on the developer for customization.

Whatever is being invested for the business purpose, should always be profitable whether it is a website or something else. Static websites are not that good when it is about showing your valuable content and updates to your visitors and customers in real time.


1. Cost Effective

2. Takes less time while development

3. Fast in data transferring between client and server

4. Servers are cheap for Static Websites


1. Can't customized by the user him/her self

2. Not good for Big Businesses

3. Customization takes long time

Dynamic Website:

PHP, JAVA SCRIPT and ASP are high level languages used to develop Dynamic Websites. Once the website is created, the user him/her self can change the web pages without any coding skills any where any time with the functionalities provided in the admin pannel With the dynamic website.

Having a dynamic website is better than static website in business because all the control of customization is always under the user which is the best thing. Dynamic website provides the best way to the users to customize web pages and show any updates or offers to the customers and visitors effectively which can impress the visitors so they can trust on your company or organization and you can have a good opportunity to grow your business.

We are We offer an easy to use drag and drop website development CMS platform which allows the users to create websites on their own without any coding skills within a very short time. Our product is just like wordpress and includes so many useful features like live chat, content templates including video, image and text. So the users can put their content in any format (video,text or image) on their website. We also offer so many color options and themes to make your web pages colorful and attractive.

visit to create your business website and get the entire control to customize your web pages whenever you need and so many other useful features for an affordable price.


1. The Best for both Big and small businesses

2. So many functionalities are available for customization

3. User can customize by him/her self without any coding skills

4. Content can be presented more effectively as per user's need in real time

5. very good for long use


1. Take more time in data transfering between client and server

2. Difficult to develop

3. takes long time in development

4. Costly

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