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"" A Free Messaging App Integrated With

  December 7,2017

Today we have integrated a new live chat software which is messaging app. It is a free messaging app which allows you to chat and monitor your visitors. It is also a mobile app so it can be used on your smartphones too. It allows you to monitor your visitors so you can be aware with the details of your visitors for instance from which country your visitor is, on which platform he/she is using the app, etc. also includes some other features which are JavaScript API and integration means you can integrate messaging app with Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, etc.. and respond to your visitors instantly througout your working time and even after your working time by installing in your smartphone. So you can be connected with your visitors any time any where in the world.

It offers so many languages so you can communicate with your visitors in their compatible language. It has some Predefined Shortcuts by which you can respond to your visitors and customers quickly. It allows you to customize the visitor widget that appears on your website and so many other features you can see from the website.

We are and we also have integrated to respond our visitors quickly in real time.


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