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Top 10 Free LiveChat Softwares to Integrate with Website

  December 1,2017

Here are the top 10 Livechat features which allow you to chat live with your customers and visitors and you can impress them by your supporting method.

1. LiveChat

LiveChat provides some useful tools which allows you to assist your customers and visitors quickly. It allows multiplatform chat, easy integration to other apps for affordable package. It provides very nice tools and services which are only found in enterprise level product.

The Livechat is better support software among all the chat supports. It provides more flexible functionality than the others. Most importantly, it is compatible with any device so it can be used on any portable device like smartphone, tablet or laptop so you can provide support services to your customers and visitors even after your office time.

LiveChat allows you to get information about your visitors and customers before engaging in conversation which is really nice and you can also block the Ip address if any visitor is inappropriate.

Visit LiveChat

2. Velaro

The Velaro is an easy to use live chat feature for all businesses. It is device compatible so it can be used on smartphones also. It's administrator control panel allows you to monitor your all agent's interactions and so many reports as well.

It provides real time visitor monitoring. Using this feature, you can customize Velaro Desktop to find you visitors details instantly. But it has a lack of google translate. So you won't be able to translate questions from your visitors into your compatible language and your visitors also can't change your replies into their compatible language.

Visit Velaro

3. WebsiteAlive

The WebsiteAlive is for small and medium businesses. You can create customized windows which match your branding without any coding skills with WebsiteAlive. It is enabled for mobile applications also. WebsiteAlive's application supports multiple languages but there is not other language support in it's basic version. It provides five operators for one desktop sharing license.

Visit WebsiteAlive

4. WhosOn

WhosOn provides basic, professional and Enterprise cloud based service. You can buy and install it's one of products for one time payment. One good thing of this product is that you can use it on your smartphone, tab or any device like these as if you are using it on your computer. It offers a bunch of languages from which you can choose as per your need. WhosOn has some other cool features like customer history which allows you to have full chat details so you can be aware each and every communication information of your visitors and customers.

Visit Whoson

5. Netop Live Guide

The Netop Live Guide provides simple user interface for your operators and customers so they can use it easily. It is an easy to use product and you can accomplish your basic tasks. It has a great facility by which you can customize chat surveys which helps to get very important marketing details of your visitors so you can serve better to your customers.

Netop Live Guide is very compatible with almost any android or IOS device so you can get much more flexibility of access any where on any device. It has virtual library for details about live guide for support. It also has user guides to guide you to be aware of live chat support.

Visit Netop Live Guide

6. Comm100

Comm100 provides some basic features and also has some upgrades so you can use it with some advanced features. It provides a variety of features so you can have unique live chat experience. It has some really nice features including upload your own files, choose from a list of images. It's customization is not too easy so you have to spend several hours to customize your settings.

It's advanced plans allows you to change the rules of inviting visitors for chatting. It also has the history of chat so whenever your previous customers want to chat you can give them response effectively.

Visit Comm100

7. Casengo

Casengo is a growing customer service chat company based in Amsterdam. It is for smaller businesses and for mobile devices and social media. It is for larger communications at affordable price. It has some awesome features like tracking customers and monitoring them so you can keep your eyes on them to see your customer's actions and from which site they are.

Visit Casengo

8. Zopim

The Zopim offers a rich set of features which allows you to chat with your visitors more effectively. It provides a unique design and wide range of options to give feed back to your customers.

Because of it's advanced features it is considered as the best product than the others. You can extend your support facility for more than your working time using the product on your smartphones and tablets.

The Zopim provides special conditions to invite clients so they don't need to wait to take any initiative. It's visualizations groups functionality helps to operate software easy and instatnly.

Visit Zopim

9. LiveHelpNow

The LiveHelpNow has a great language compatibility so you can chat with a different kind of customers who speak different languages. It has improved support for operators and visitors.

The LiveHelpNow provides customization of every single part of the procedure of chat. It provices customer activity and those kind of details so you can have history of chat of your customers and visitors.

LiveHelpNow offers a password protection to administrator to provide chat services from different remote locations. It is compatible with any smartphone or devices which is portable so you can support even after your office time.

Visit LiveHelpNow 

10. Userlike

The Userlike chat app supports so many languages like French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc. So there is a huge accessibility over multiple languages. But it is not possible for operators. The operator can use only English, German or Dutch. It provices a setting from where you can predefine the operators compatible language.

The procedure of integrating Userlike into your system takes less than 5 minutes. Then you get all the accessibility tostart chat with your visitors and customers.

Userlike has so many other features like chat butler, notification workflows, manage event notification, tracking GA, etc.

For more visit Userlike


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